Mapleton Bowls Club is governed by the club’s constitution, regulations and policies. The constitution provides the framework and rules by which the club is governed. The club is formerly a company limited by guarantee. The constitution provides the principle rules set for the the running of the club. It details the name, objects and management of the club. It is essentially the document that provides the reason for the existence of the club.

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Our by-laws and policies are secondary rules that expand on the rules of association described in the constitution and cover non-administrative matters that do not need to be included in the constitution. These deal with, but are not limited to, matters, such as the following:

  • Club colours
  • Uniform and dress codes
  • Committee roles and procedures
  • Right to refuse admission
  • Selection
  • Coaching regulations
  • Awards
  • Supply of alcohol and food
  • Members conduct
  • Disciplinary procedures

Practice Sessions

No practice may commence on the green while Pennant matches are in progress. Practice at other times is permitted subject to the approval of the Greens Director or their appointed Deputy.

Booked coaching sessions and club matches take priority over all practice sessions.

When a game other than Pennant is being played in club uniform, two clear lanes (where possible) should be left between the game in progress and the practice lane.

No play or practice may take place on the green when the green is designated as being closed by the Greens Director or the club management.

The Green

All bowlers must take care to deliver their bowls smoothly. Dents created by dumping or dropping bowls damage the playing surface and harm the grass roots. Bowlers who continue to dump will be required to seek assistance from a coach.

In keeping with the “Laws of the Game”, rules pertaining to dumping shall be enforced: “Damage to the Green” and “Use of Ground-sheet/Dump-mat” must be adhered to by all bowlers.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

A platform to push positive values:

The sporting landscape in Australia and around the world has changed significantly. Community expectations for good governance, integrity, equality, member protection, child and vulnerable adult safeguarding means that providing safe, fair and inclusive sporting environments is no longer an aspiration, but a necessity.

The population of Australia has also changed dramatically. Roughly 25% of Australia’s population is born overseas, almost 50% have one parent born in another country, 260 languages are spoken, one in five of Australians has some form of disability or impairment and over 50% are women and girls. Our community and members are looking for sporting options that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and most importantly, make people feel like they belong.

Our club seeks to be inclusive. This means we aim to take pro-active behaviours, options and actions to make people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities feel welcome, respected and that they belong to our club. Being inclusive is about following best practice for what sport should be so that everyone can get the most out of it.

Diversity is the mix of peoples’ different attributes and backgrounds (i.e. age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion). We believe that our club should reflect the diversity of our local community. Diversity is the mix of people whereas inclusion is trying to get this mix to all work together.

Discrimination and/or harassment. whether it be because of age, gender, race (colour, nationality, ethnicity and immigration status) disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital status, religion is not tolerated by our club.


We are privileged to have a strong volunteer network. Our volunteers give their time and abilities to support the club and by doing so, support our members and the local community.

Our volunteers are a valued resource. Our club would find it difficult to operate and provide the events that it does without the time and energy donated by our volunteers. As the word implies, volunteers receive little or no payment for their endeavours. It is very easy for people to be critical of events, processes or decisions without having all the facts of the moment. Often the critic is not volunteering their time. There is NEVER any excuse to abuse any of our volunteers. The club WILL follow up on any complaints received from any of our volunteers.