Membership 2024

Our Green is available for ordinary (full) members during the week. Social bowls for full members and other bowls club affiliated visitors take place on Thursday and Saturday. Do contact the club before hand as the green may be closed for competition games, repair or due to the weather. There are five types of membership available:

  • Ordinary (Full) membership
    • $114.00 (from 01/09/24 to 28/02/25 is $60.00) (plus $12.50 for new bowls members only) – no half yearly allowance for BQ affiliation Fees.
    • $15.00 (when member is already registered with BQ at another affiliated club).
  • Social membership $10
  • Junior membership $5
  • Temporary membership
  • Lifetime membership
  • Honorary membership

NB: The Bowls Queensland administration fee is not payable if you are transferring from a Queensland Bowls Club. A completed nomination form along with fees must be received for all applications to be processed. Transferees from another lawn bowls club must attach a clearance from their previous club. Applicants must also be free of any debt to any bowls club or national or state bowls authority. Applicants must not be under any order or notice of suspension or expulsion from any bowls club or bowls authority. Constitution

Full (ordinary) Membership

Full members are entitled to exercise the full privileges of the club. Full membership is required if you wish to play either club and/or competitive bowls. As a full member you will be part of a welcoming and encouraging community of bowlers. Full membership confers voting rights at AGMs or on any issue that the management committee require a vote from the membership. Application Form

Social Membership

Join as a Social Member and you will be a part of our large and thriving social community. Whilst you cannot take part in club or competition bowls, you can take part in ‘barefoot’ bowls and use the club house and bar. As a social member you don’t have voting rights nor can you take part in or vote at meetings except on the invitation of the management committee. Application Form

Temporary Membership

The management committee may admit you as temporary member if do not normally reside within the the clubs locality, provided that you are a full subscribing and financial member of a Bowls Club or Bowls Authority affiliated directly or indirectly with World Bowls. Temporary membership will not normally exceed a 6 months period. However, it may be renewed at the discretion of the management committee.

As a temporary member you are entitled to the privileges of membership. But you may not hold any office in the club, take part in or vote at meetings of the club. Additionally, you cannot participate in any game other than a social game at the club. Temporary members must pay the membership fees determined by the management committee. Application Form

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is given by the club to any person who has rendered service, benefit or esteem to the club. An honorary member is entitled to the social benefits of the club. Honorary members may not hold any office in the club, take part or vote at meetings of the clubs. Honorary members are exempt from payment of a members subscription or any levies imposed by the club. Honorary memberships are reviewed annually.

Dress Code

Minimum for Entry to the Club:

  • Clean and tidy casual attire.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times (thongs are permitted).

The following are not allowed:

  • revealing clothing.
  • stained, torn, dirty, ripped or excessively frayed clothing.
  • clothing with obscene or offensive slogans or images.
  • offensive personal hygiene.

The club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be not suitably attired. Dress Code policy